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The information and links contained herein provide current research information to the mentoring field. The following categories provide links to research and information for each topic.

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Basic Guide to Program Evaluation
Harvard Family Research Project
How and Why Nonprofits Use Outcome Information
Mentoring Research. Jean Rhode's Virtual Training
Measuring the Quality of Mentor Youth Relationships: A Tool For Mentoring Programs. (Technical Assistance Packet #8)
On Program Evaluation
The Program Manager's Guide to Evaluation
Public Private Ventures
Theme: Strengthening Agency Capacity
User-Friendly Handbook for Mixed Method Evaluations
Utica Public Library: Resources for Nonprofits
What's Working? Tools for Evaluating Your Mentoring Program


While mentoring is still a young field, there have been several important studies conducted that influence the rationale of the mentoring relationship. This page will provide you with links and summaries of important research and publication information in the mentoring field.

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